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Getting Started With VIMNet Explorer

VIMNet Explorer is the configuration program of the Virtual IO Module (VIM) for the Emerson Process Management DeltaV Control System. VIMNet Explorer provides an "explorer-like" interface for configuring the VIM. The configuration for all VIMs on a network should be contained in one VIMNet Explorer configuration file. The configuration file has the extension ".vio".

Basic Workflow

Working with VIMs can be broken down into the following basic steps. Each step below links to a guide to perform the task.

  1. Install VIM hardware
  2. Commission the VIM
  3. Configure field device communications
  4. Upload the configuration to the VIM

Important Concepts

The concepts below are used throughout this documentation. Having an understanding of the below will help when working with the Virtual IO Module

Advanced Guides

These guides provide instructions for tasks that are outside the basic workflow mentioned above.