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Commission a Simplex Virtual IO Module

When a Virtual IO Module(VIM) is first powered up, it does not have an IP address. Before a VIM can be used, it must be given a unique address on the network. Using the procedure below, the VIM will be given a name and an IP address.

The procedure below will create a simplex VIM placeholder and assign a VIM to the placeholder by commissioning it.

  1. Create a new DeltaV controller by right-clicking on I/O Net and selecting New Controller.

    Figure 1 - New DeltaV Controller placeholder

  2. Right-click on the new controller and select Rename (Figure 2).

    Figure 2 - Context menu of a new controller with the Rename command selected

  3. The DeltaV Controller Rename dialog (Figure 3) will appear.

    Ideally, the controller name should match the name of the controller that the VIM is attached to in DeltaV Explorer, although this is not enforced by VIMNet Explorer.

    Figure 3 - Controller Rename dialog

  4. Right-click on the new DeltaV controller and select New IO VIM.

    Figure 4 - New IO VIM Placeholder

  5. The VIM properties dialog will appear. Select the type of your VIM from the Type drop down list.

    Figure 5 - New IO VIM Properties Dialog

  6. From the dialog in Figure 5, select the Virtual Cards that the VIM will emulate.

    For the remainder of this guide, the VIM will emulate Cards 57 through 60.

  7. From the dialog in Figure 5, give the VIM a meaningful name in the Name field.

    This name will appear under the DeltaV controller to represent the VIM in the tree. The name will also appear in the decommission list any time VIMNet Explorer is opened without this VIO configuration file.

  8. From the dialog in Figure 5, enter the desired IP Address of the VIM.

    This address needs to be unique on the VIM network.

  9. From the dialog in Figure 5, enter the desired Subnet Mask of the VIM.

    If you are unsure what value to enter here, use the same subnet mask assigned to the PC network card selected in VIMNet Explorer Installation.

  10. If you are using a DeltaV M-series controller, enable M-series IO. If you are using a S-series DeltaV controller, disable M-series IO.

  11. Click OK to create the VIM placeholder.

  12. Right-click on the new VIM placeholder (Figure 6) and select Commission.

    Figure 6 - VIM Placeholder Context Menu

  13. The Commission VIM dialog box will appear (Figure 7). Select the desired VIM from the list and click OK.

    Figure 7 - VIM Placeholder Commissioning Dialog

  14. Once the VIM is commissioned, the next step is to configure the communications. Each VIM driver type has different communication configuration. Click on the link below to go to the communication configuration guide for that driver type.