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VIMNet Explorer Installation

VIMNet Explorer uses standard Microsoft Windows Installer system. Below is the installation procedure.

  1. To install the software, insert the CD into the drive. Older distributions used the following installation files. Double Click on Setup.exe file to install VIMNet Explorer.

    Figure 1 - Contents of Old-style Installation Media

    Newer distributions use a single MSI file called VimNet.MSI as shown below. Double Click on VimNet.MSI to install VIMNet Explorer.

    Figure 2 - Contents of New-style Installation Media

    In both cases, the installer will launch a wizard to guide you through the installation process. Once the wizard is complete, continue to the next step to configure VIMNet Explorer for your system.

  2. Launch the VIMNet Explorer by going to Start –> Programs –> Mynah -> VIMNet Explorer.

    Figure 3 - VIMNet Explorer Start Menu Item

  3. The first time VIMNet Explorer is run, it will ask for the IP address of the PC network card.  

    VIMNet Explorer needs to know which network card on the PC is connected to the VIM network, so it can listen for the VIM broadcast beacons. The dialog in Figure 4 will be displayed. Select the correct network card from the Available NIC drop down list.

    Figure 4 - Select VIMNet Network Interface Card

    This parameter can be reconfigured at any time by right-clicking on Physical Network and selecting Properties.

  4. The following main VIMNet Explorer screen will be displayed, once the PC network card is selected. The next step is to Commission a Simplex Virtual IO Module.

    Figure 5 - VIMNet Explorer Main Window