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EtherNet/IP Field Device IP Address

The VIM supports connecting to a limited number of IP addresses (System Specifications). However, there is no restriction to the number of DeltaV device that can point to a single IP address. This feature can be used to associate more than 16 DeltaV datasets to a single IP address. VIMNet Explorer attempts to make this configuration easier by defining a field device IP address once, and then further devices can just select the same address from the list.

When either Add or Edit button is clicked from the Field Device dialog, the dialog in Figure 1 will appear. Only the options that apply to the device will be shown (i.e., if the parent VIM is simplex, the redundancy modes will not be shown).

IP Address Properties Dialog

Figure 1 - Add/Edit IP Address Dialog (Redundant EtherNet/IP)


These parameters are common to all IP address definitions.

Redundant EtherNet/IP

When the parent VIM is redundant, the options below are visible. These options are hidden when the parent VIM is simplex.