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Virtual IO Module Redundant Link

A redundant VIM must communicate with its partner card in order to coordinate the redundant connection. The VIM and VIM2 use slightly different methods to coordinate the redundancy.

VIM hardware

The VIM is programmed to use the serial redundancy link (Figure 1) to communicate with its partner. If that link is not present, the VIM will fall back to communicating over the Ethernet network. Figure 2 shows a set of redundant VIMs with the serial link cable installed.

Figure 1 - Redundant Link Serial Ports of two VIMs


Figure 2 - Assembled Redundant VIM with Redundant Link Cable Installed

Figure 3 below shows the wiring diagram for the redundant serial link. This cable should be include with the VIM.

Figure 3 - Redundant Communications Cable

VIM2 Hardware

For VIM2 hardware, the VIM-to-VIM redundancy coordination communications use a crossover Ethernet cable. The first Ethernet port (in the same position as the primary port of a DeltaV controller) is for VIM/VIM communications. The second Ethernet port is used for field communications.

Note: Unlike the original VIM, the VIM2 cannot fall back to the field communications network for redundancy coordination. This cable must be present for proper operation of a redundant VIM2 pair.

Figure 4 shows two M-Series VIM2s from the bottom, with the redundancy link network port circled in red. Figure 5 shows a S-series VIM2 pair with the redundancy link installed. M-Series VIM2 should be installed identically to the S-Series VIM2.

Figure 4 - M-Series VIM2 Redundant Link Port

Figure 5 - S-Series VIM2 with Redundant Link Installed (Grey cable)

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