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Connection Library

The connection library contains all field device connections that are used in this VIO configuration file. A connection definition declares the messaging type and size of a particular DeltaV dataset (or set of datasets). A connection is then assigned to a field device that is defined in the I/O Net section. The Connection Library allows for easy reuse of connections on multiple devices.

Figure 1 - Field Device Connection Library

The connections in the library may be used for multiple field devices. In this manner devices with similar configuration may be configured from one central location. Changes to the connection will be propagated to all field devices that use the connection.

There are three connection definition libraries. Each one corresponds to a different VIM firmware and IO card emulation combination. One is for connections that map EtherNet/IP data to DeltaV Programmable Serial Interface Cards. The other is for connections that map EtherNet/IP data to DeltaV DeviceNet Interface Cards. The serial card based connections can be used for Generic EtherNet/IP (IOD-4104 and IOD-4114) and ODVA EtherNet/IP (IOD-4116). The DeviceNet based connections can be used with ODVA EtherNet/IP (IOD-4116). The PROFINET library is for the PROFINET firmware (IOD-4117).

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