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DeltaV Dataset

This object represents the dataset in DeltaV Explorer. The parent Connection defines the number of datasets and their sizes. For Generic EtherNet/IP or ODVA EtherNet/IP, the dataset object must be uploaded to the VIM, because the DeltaV dataset does not contain enough parameters to fully specify an EtherNet/IP connection.

The datasets show the required DeltaV configuration and the order expected of the datasets in the serial port. It is important that all of the datasets shown exist in DeltaV, because the VIM will be placing data in them. The creation order of the datasets is also important, as that is the only way the VIM has to identify datasets.

Context Menu


This displays the properties of the dataset required in DeltaV. The dialog has a layout similar to DeltaV and all the parameters have an identical meaning to their DeltaV counterpart. The parameters in this dialog are for informational purpose only, any changed made are discarded when the dialog is closed.

Figure 1 - Dataset Properties - General Tab

Figure 2 - Dataset Properties - DeltaV Tab

Figure 3 - Dataset Properties - PLC Tab

Figure 4 - Dataset Properties - Special Data Tab