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VIMNet Explorer Overview

VIMNet Explorer is the configuration program of the Virtual IO Module(VIM) for the Emerson Process Management DeltaV Control System. VIMNet Explorer provides an "explorer-like" interface for configuring the VIM. The configuration for all VIMs on a network should be contained in one VIMNet Explorer configuration file. The configuration file has the extension .vio.

The tree on the left side of the window contains the following items.

VIMNet Properties

The main VIO configuration file storage directory can be changed by right-clicking on the root object of the VIMNet Explorer tree and selecting Properties. This directory can be any folder on the local system or one that is accessible by network share. It is recommended to set this directory to a location that is regularly backed up with the rest of the control system configuration.

Figure 1 - VIMNet Properties Dialog

The Configurable Modbus Devices drop down list shows the Custom Modbus Mapping files found in the installation directory of VIMNet Explorer.

VIMNet Configuration File

VIMNet configuration is saved in a file with a VIO extension. This file can be located anywhere in the PC local hard drive or in a network folder. The current state of commissioned VIMs, as well as VIM network device configurations is contained in this file. The VIMNet Explorer does not have to be online all the time. However, if it is restarted, this file should be reopened so that the current state of VIMs does not show as error.

When the VIMNet Explorer is restarted, it will start scanning for VIMs on the network, and display what is found. Commissioned VIMs found on the network will be compared with configured placeholders and there current state displayed. Mismatched VIMs, i.e., those which do not exist as placeholders, or mismatches in MAC address or IP address, will be displayed in the Decommissioned list as errors.

When upgrading VIMNet Explorer, any VIO configuration file from a previous version will be properly opened. When saved, the VIO configuration file will be upgraded to the new version. Once this happens, it can no longer be opened in previous versions of VIMNet Explorer.

Connection Definition Export File

Some VIM firmware require Connection Definitions to map the field data to DeltaV IO cards. These connection definitions can be exported from the VIMNet Configuration File, allowing them to be moved between configurations. The files have the extension VDF.

Import Connection Definition

This context menu option will import a connection definition from a file. The export file is created by right-clicking on a specific connection and selecting Export. These options together can be used to move connection definitions between VIO configuration files.

Right click on the VIMNet root item and select Import Library VDF Definition File.  This will open a dialog to browse to and select a VDF file.  Selecting a file and clicking Open will enter this in the list of definitions as shown below.

Figure 2 - Import VDF File Browse Dialog