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DeltaV PROFIBUS Device

This represents one of the PROFIBUS devices that make up a PROFINET Field Device. The Connection Definition of the field device determines how many PROFIBUS devices are required for a PROFINET Field Device.


Figure 1 - PROFIBUS Device Properties

Signal Mapping

VIMNet Explorer will map the PROFINET data automatically to PROFIBUS signals. The signals can then be imported into DeltaV. Selecting the PROFIBUS device in the IO tree will display, as shown in Figure 2. The signals are created using information from the GSDML file for the IO Device.

Figure 2 - PROFIBUS Signals

There are three main types of signals created by VIMNet Explorer.

The Description column indicates the purpose of the signal. If it ends with IOCS or IOPS then it is one of the submodule status values. Any other value in the description indicates normal IO data. The description is read from the GSDML file in the Connection Definition.